Why GBSSParents giving piggyback ride to children

Many agencies provide a personal touch, have experienced surrogates as their CEO or promise commitment to customer service as their primary features. We agree these are worthy offerings many Intended Parents seek when ready to grow a family. However, here at Great Beginnings Surrogacy, we lead rather than follow. We are a California Surrogate Mother Agency that believes in giving back by donating a portion of our proceeds from each match to Path2Parenthood and RESOLVE as our way of investing in the dreams of all Intended Parents. We believe it our mission to lead the way to your healthiest possible baby. Our leadership takes the form of Intended Parent Choices, Meticulous Pre-Screening and Empathetic Devotion to Surrogate Wellness.

Choices Matter

Great Beginnings Surrogacy is committed to fostering your peace of mind in every possible way and are here to support your power to choose. One of the most crucial decisions Intended Parents make is which fertility specialist is the best fit for their needs. Your fertility specialist makes everything we hope to accomplish together possible. We understand finding someone highly competent whom you also trust means everything. We happily facilitate and collaborate with Great Beginnings’ Intended Parents working with reputable fertility specialists of their choosing. Of course, if you don’t know where to start, we are more than glad to offer recommendations for fertility specialists based on decades of compassion and ability to successfully grow families. Another equally critical decision point is deciding which surrogacy attorney will build you an unshakable legal foundation for your protection and security lasting a lifetime. We provide you information regarding law firms specializing in third-party reproduction who we would seek to represent us were we starting this journey ourselves. We partner with attorneys who have worldwide expertise in surrogacy and egg donation who also either employ multi-lingual staff or have a long-term relationship with trusted interpreters in your native language. We go out of our way to work and communicate with you at the time and in the setting that you prefer. We know how busy you are, so we don’t keep traditional office hours. Everyone has their favorite places to be, so we are equally open to meeting in our office, in your home, or at a conveniently located coffee shop near you. We know different people feel better using different ways to keep in touch. So we offer options, including talking on the telephone, Skype video conferencing, e-mailing or texting from your smartphone. We are glad to accept your invitation to accompany you to any appointments so you feel supported at every point along the way. Think of us as your very own surrogacy concierge. Only a click or call away, 7 days a week.

Meticulous Pre-Screening

Our gold standard kicks in during our very first contact with surrogacy applicants. Our standard is to think about each applicant as if she were a potential match for ourselves. Great Beginnings Surrogacy conducts an initial telephone interview with every potential candidate. We’re sticklers about health, pregnancy/delivery, financial, emotional, psychological or family stability factors. Issues uncovered in these areas result in going no further. Once approved for application completion, medical and family history information is examined very carefully.

Keep checking back often to learn about the many wonderful options we have in store to provide Intended Parents even more assurance their baby will be formed from eggs at the peak of health and/or your baby will be growing healthy and strong in a nurturing home-away-from-home.

Empathetic Devotion to Surrogate Wellness

Intended Parents understandably worry about the overall impact treatment has on their surrogate’s mind and body. Many surrogacy agencies translate this focus into the economically sound practice of group-level activities, often in the form of agency-wide events and surrogate support groups. Though belonging to a caring community may help, the feeling of belonging can be temporary and limited to the specific events themselves. Great Beginnings Surrogacy discovered research emphasizing the crucial role highly individualized care plays during treatment. Specifically, prenatal massage has been shown to lower stress hormones, loosen tighten muscles and increase blood flow. We have practically applied these outcomes. in the form of our Wellness Program, to significantly boost overall well-being in ways that positively impact outcomes.

Each Surrogate completes a wellness profile as part of her surrogate application process. This means that we can work to support exactly what each woman needs to maintain her overall health and well-being over the entire length of our journey together, from dream to baby.