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Welcome home! Nothing is more important to Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services (GBSEDS) than helping build families!  With over 20 years of experience as a San Diego California surrogacy agency and egg donor program, we’ve seen countless lives transformed by happy, healthy babies thanks to the selflessness of GBSEDS surrogates and egg donors. Whether you are here to grow a new family, building a bigger family, be a surrogate or become an egg donor, we share your dream and are here to make them come true!

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Dr. Mishele Sneed - Great Beginnings Surrogacy San Diego

Mishele Sneed, M.A., Ed.S., Lead Coordinator

Surrogates, Egg Donors & Intended Parents Are Our Top Priority.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services (GBSEDS) is a surrogacy and egg donation agency based in La Jolla, California. We opened our doors more than 20 years ago as Cori’s Egg Donor and Surrogacy Services, Inc. This quickly became one of the most successful agencies in California. As a California psychologist, I was eager to bring my 20 years’ experience providing direct service to families by building a strong support system for intended parents and surrogates working to grow new families. I was lucky enough to becoming a egg donor and surrogate coordinator with Cori’s in 2011. I quickly fell in love with this amazing work and with the high standards and excellent reputation Cori’s represented in our industry. When Cori retired in 2014, I expanded my role to agency owner. Feedback from clients spurred us to adapt our services to focus exclusively on the growing need for exceptional surrogacy services. So changing our name to Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services was the next logical step. A few years later, we again responded to client needs and restored our all-in-one third-party reproductive services business model by reopening our Egg Donation Services. You may reach out to me at any time via email ( or call me at 858-732-4277 (GBSS).

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Fan Yang - Intended Parent Coordinator & Case Manager

Through the journey, I'll be your support.

Fan supports intended parents on their journey to finding the perfect match and make their dreams of a complete family come true. She also works with international and Chinese intended parents with coordinating travel, and every step from the beginning to end of surrogacy. She manages and facilitates the surrogacy/egg donation process after matching for each case while reporting and communicating every step of the surrogacy process to Intended parents. She is incredibly passionate, sweet, and outgoing and loves the work she does which has translated into many successful journeys in her career.

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Raika Djalali - Lead Intended Parent Coordinator

If you have a question, I'll have your answer.

Raika is an incredibly compassionate and experienced intended parent coordinator here at Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services (GBSEDS). She brings years of knowledge in reproductive medicine, understanding that each journey is unique and must be treated as such. She has helped successfully match many intended parents with their perfect surrogate and/or egg donor candidate. Raika enjoys spending time understanding the wants and needs of each intended parent in order to ensure a successful experience and outcome together.

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Huiling Xia - International & Domestic Intended Parent Coordinator

World-class care.

Huiling has lots of Intended Parent Relations experience within surrogacy, egg donation, IVF and the fertility industry as a whole. She is typically the first point of contact with inquiring parents and clients that approach our agency directly via internet, phone by way of referral, or through other recruitment initiatives. Her role is to comfort and inform intended parents of the journey to come by leading and managing parents and clients throughout the onboarding process with unsurpassed expertise, warmth, and dedication to customer care. She creates client profiles to be match-ready, facilitates the match between intended parents, egg donors and surrogates and provides guidance to clients in completing all necessary documentation. Huiling is passionate about our egg donation program where she expertly guides donor candidates from intake to matching and through their IVF cycle. 

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Our Focus Is You.

GBSEDS Surrogates and Intended Parents (IPs) are our top priority. We provide domestic and international Intended Parent support and enhance their experience with agency partners with whom we’ve developed close collaborations over the years. 

Our partners assist us in making each aspect of the gestational surrogacy process move forward in a smooth and professional manner. We work primarily with California surrogates. Averaging 30-50 journeys a year, we provide personalized care to our IPs and surrogates. 

We provide support as our surrogates complete screenings at the beginning of the surrogacy process, attend appointments at the fertility center with the fertility specialist and then transition to the care of an obstetrician (OB). We provide many other support services to our surrogates and Intended Parents according to their individual needs.

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