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Become a Surrogate

Easy Surrogate Application Process.

We strive to create a simple application process for new and returning surrogates. Scroll down to view the surrogate process, and see if it's the right fit for you.

What is the Surrogacy Process?

  • Complete online prescreener
  • Phone PreQualification interview with coordinator
  • Complete full surrogate application, sign release forms and Surrogate Benefit Package
  • Background check
  • Medical pre-screen
  • Medical records review and obtaining OB clearance letter
  • Surrogate profile release to Intended Parents
  • Video match call with IPs
  • Matched!
  • Psychological Screening
  • Medical screening at Intended Parents’ fertility center
  • Intended Parent attorney contract drafting
  • Surrogate attorney contract review with you
  • Negotiation and finalization between all parties
  • Beta blood tests at fertility center
  • Routine appointments with ultrasounds and bloodwork
  • Ultrasound heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy
  • Graduation! From fertility specialist to OB care
  • Routine OB appointments
  • Share progress and updates with your Intended Parents
  • Delivery day!

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Surrogacy General FAQ's

Surrogacy is no different than any pregnancy that you may have had in the past.

No, there are two types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy involves using your eggs for your surrogacy journey. However, the GBSEDS surrogacy program only offers gestational surrogacy to Intended Parents and Surrogates. Gestational surrogacy means the child you carry will not be genetically related to you. Instead, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is carried out by fertility specialists using a medical process where embryos are created from your Intended Parents’ (IPs’) eggs and sperm  (or from an egg donor/sperm donor ) formed into an embryo which is transferred into your uterus by a surrogacy process called embryo transfer. Since your Intended Parents use eggs from either your Intended Mother or an egg donor and sperm from your Intended Father or a sperm donor, there is no genetic tie to you. Additionally, both the Surrogate and Intended Parents enter into a contract called a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement. This agreement specifically names your Intended Parents as the legal and/or genetic parents of the child. The last step in the surrogacy legal process is a judgment signed by the court naming your Intended Parents as the legal parents of the child which is written on the birth certificate when their child is born.

Typically, yes. Your surrogate profile is provided to couples or individuals who have the same values and beliefs as yourself. GBSEDS believes everyone deserves to build a family and we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to become matched with the right person for them. The matching process is based on finding you an individual or couple with whom you feel one hundred percent confident in traveling this surrogacy journey. This is a huge step in your life, an experience we want you to enjoy and remember fondly for years to come.

Women who choose surrogacy are loving, compassionate and genuinely want to help Intended Parents. Since these women already have their own family, they tell us they are very clear the baby they carry belongs to their Intended Parents. They say they find it easy as they feel the most rewarding part of delivery is  giving the baby(s) back to their parents at birth. Surrogacy is about giving back, helping others experience the same joy in parenthood as you.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy & Egg Donation Services (GBSEDS) proudly follows the most recent expert guidelines issued by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Be between the ages 21 through 45 (our guidelines are stricter: 21 through 38)

Have had at least one uncomplicated term pregnancy (this is essential)

Have had no more than three C-section deliveries (we agree)

Have a stable family environment with adequate support to provide the help you may need during surrogacy (this is key)

Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 or less (BMI Calculator in English and Spanish)

Live in a surrogacy-friendly state

Have no medical, psychological, mental health or alcohol/drug abuse issues

Have no criminal history

Have a current drivers’ license and reliable transportation

Be a US Citizen

Have had no more than 5 deliveries (we agree)

GBSEDS’ Commitment to Surrogates

Our mission is to support you through every step of your journey.
At Great Beginnings Surrogacy & Egg Donation Services, we recognize your amazing contribution and will uphold our dedicated commitment to guide and support you throughout your journey.

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