Become A Surrogate

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Our Coordinators love answering questions! Please call or text us

858-568-6027  858-922-8544


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Become a Gestational Surrogate 

Intended Parents (IPs) come to us for help for many different reasons. Difficulties with either eggs or sperm may make having a child of their own impossible. Others have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to full term. Still others reach out as pregnancy itself may be so detrimental as to literally risk their livesGestational surrogates play a critical role in helping Intended Parents who struggle having a baby on their own. Whether medical factors, infertility, or genetic disorders, surrogates or egg donors renew their hope they can soon have the child of their  dreams.

GBSEDS’ Commitment to Surrogates

We cherish our surrogates, recognizing the incredible contribution that you make. It is our mission to support you every step of the way. Our experienced surrogate coordinators are dedicated to:

  • Keeping you informed in advance of each step while addressing all your questions and concerns
  • Prioritizing your physical and emotional needs before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Providing the best possible care to you and your Intended Parents


2 thoughts on “Become A Surrogate”

  1. Alexandra Catalano

    Hello I’m interested in becoming a surrogate. I have good family health and I believe I’m in good shape. All other agencies deny me because I have ADHD, but if they got to know me they would know that I’m an honor student without the need for medication and pursuing a career in the medical field. I think future parents would be really interested in my eggs and I want to help make a family.

  2. I am very interested in becoming a donor! I have an almost 3 year old son. My mother has 3 children, and her mother had 4, so I’d say we’re all very fertile!❤️ I would love to help a family start their family and also help mine as well!❤️

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