Making the decision to become a Surrogate mother gives you the opportunity to help in a way few women can! Statistics show increasing numbers of couples undergo infertility treatment every year. Many of our Intended Parents have spent years trying to conceive, enduring multiple physically-demanding and expensive infertility treatments before arriving at the decision to choose surrogacy. Intended Mothers have become reconciled to the fact they, for one reason or another, will not be able carry their own baby no matter how badly they want to do so. Other Intended Parents are seeking an egg donor to help them create embryos that will grow into healthy, happy children of their own. Some Intended Parents, including same-sex couples, may seek both an egg donor and a surrogate to have babies genetically related to one or both partners in their relationship. Whatever the reason, making the decision to choose surrogacy is sometimes a difficult one. Words cannot adequately describe the precious gift that you will be giving Intended Parents in need. You often represent their last chance to realize their dreams. Helping Intended Parents complete their journey by opening the door to their future as a family with their own beautiful baby girl or boy is truly priceless. Not only will you give Intended Parents a child of their own but you can fulfill your family’s dreams with additional income.

We are truly grateful women like yourself have compassion for those unable to carry pregnancies and step forward to take on this awesome responsibility. Thank you for considering this tremendous act of selflessness. Great Beginnings welcomes you and we look forward to assisting you every step of the way.