Surrogate Compensation

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Surrogate mothers receive up to $50,000 compensation for a singleton pregnancy. Experienced surrogate mothers set their own compensation benefit levels, typically receiving a significant increase with each subsequent surrogacy. We support your decision whether you feel comfortable negotiating the compensation benefit level you set with potential Intended Parents. In order to foster a spirit of trust and understanding, Great Beginnings Surrogacy staff typically communicate the details of the negotiations on behalf of each party until a mutual agreement is reached.

You receive compensation benefits based on natural surrogate milestones, from the start of injectable medications and to the month following delivery. Some expenses may be infrequent or occur only one-time over the course of your journey.  Most expenses are occur on a monthly basis and we require you to record them on our Reimbursement Request form to be submitted to the Surrogate Coordinator for review. Upon approval, we forward your request to the Intended Parents’ trust account or escrow agency with authorization to pay from the trust account established for this purpose.

Here’s the schedule of milestones surrogates can expect to follow:

1. Monthly Expense Allowance

Begins the first day of the month following signing of the surrogate contract by all parties.

2. Injectable Medication Start

Compensation + mileage (if you live 51 miles or more from the fertility specialist’s clinic).

3. Embryo Transfer (ET)

Compensation + mileage for treatment appointments between injectable medication start and ET (if you live 51 miles or more from the fertility specialist’s clinic).

4. Pregnancy Compensation #1

With the heartbeat ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, on the first of the following month, you will begin receiving monthly compensation. Compensation includes your base allowance (determined by your overall benefit total divided by 10) + monthly expense allowance + monthly housekeeping allowance. Depending on your specific situation, you may also be reimbursed for monthly medical insurance premiums, life insurance premiums, medical insurance deductibles, physician visit co-pays, etc.

5. Pregnancy Compensation #2

After the 12th week following your ET, your usual monthly benefits will be further supplemented with a one-time Maternity Clothing Allowance. Surrogates carrying multiples receive an additional Maternity Clothing Allowance amount.

6. Pregnancy Compensation #3 (Multiples Only)

After the 16th week following your ET, additional multiples pregnancy compensation begins being added to your monthly expense allowance.

Your last compensation benefits is dispersed in a lump sum for all remaining allowance/fee balances one month following delivery. Surrogates who agreed to contract for Expressed Breast Milk Service continue receiving an agreed upon amount for the duration of this extension to the usual Surrogate contract. Hospital and medical provider bills are paid from the trust account upon receipt.