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Our team is here to assist you with any questions you may have surrounding surrogacy and egg donation solutions.


You have the ability to give someone a family. The journey may have a few twists and turns. Whatever lies ahead, Great Beginnings Surrogacy will be here with you the entire process.

We offer discreet surrogacy matching for all couples and individuals looking to start a family. Call us to find out what options you have, and how you can begin.

Through Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services, egg donors can earn up to $40,000,  along with other qualified perks. See if you qualify to be a donor today!

At Great Beginning’s we do not, but we do refer clients to our partner company – Gen 5 Fertility for IVF solutions  with industry leading service.

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What GBSEDS Clients Say

My story is long but I was blessed to have family members open to being my surrogate. Unfortunately, when that option did not work, my reproductive endocrinologist (RE) introduced me to Great Beginnings Surrogacy. I have found their professional advice to be honest and fair to all parties involved and their judgment to be solid and sound. They have helped me every step of the way paving smoother roads for my rocky journey.
Joy D
Great Beginnings is my 3rd agency that I have worked with and by FAR the best! I am now in my last few weeks of my pregnancy as a surrogate with them. They have made every single step easy and stress free! I don’t ever have to worry if they are taking care of things behind the scenes and have never felt the need to “check up on them” as I have with agencies in the past. They are all so friendly and so accessible, if it is a serious question or just a personal question. I would recommend them 100%!
Surrogate for GBSS
Give "The Greatest Gift" you can.

Earn $40k or more when you become an Egg Donor!

See how to earn for yourself while giving an amazing gift to another.

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