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Elite Sperm Donation


Elite Sperm Donation


Bring Hope To Families.

Elite Sperm Donors

Bring Hope To Families.

Great Beginnings assists all types of people in the process of growing their family. Sperm donors like you can make a lasting and positive impact in the lives of those longing for a child, while also being fairly compensated in the process. At Great Beginnings, we are firmly committed to patient success, so our strict screening and qualifications ensure that our donors set industry standards for health, education, and valuable genetics.

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Do you meet the qualifications?

Do you meet the qualifications?

In order to be qualified to work with our agency as an Elite Sperm Donor, you must meet the criteria.

Be a man between the ages of 20-35

STD (sexually transmitted disease) free.

Have graduated from an accredited university with a 4-year degree.

Must have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Minimum height of 5'8.

GBSEDS Elite Sperm Donor Application Process

GBSEDS Elite Sperm Donor Application Process

Sperm Donor Application Process.

You are required to complete the GBSEDS online prescreen application. Once this has been reviewed and approved by our staff, we will contact you to schedule a more in-depth telephone interview. Background Check Screening, Psychological Screening and Medical Screening must also be completed (see below for details). Once all these clearances are received, you will become eligible to become a sperm donor.

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Screening Process.

Screening Process.

Background Screening

You will be required to submit to a background check screening. Understandably, your Intended Parents (IPs) want assurance all sperm donor candidates are responsible individuals, including an overall healthy, stable lifestyle. We appreciate your honesty and being forthcoming about any past events.

Psychological Screening

One very important requirement will be your psychological screening. You will undergo screening and/or testing by a licensed therapist who specializes in third-party reproduction. The purpose of this screening is to ensure you are of sound mind and emotionally stable to undergo the donation process. There is nothing to be fearful of. The therapist conducting the screening process is also there to provide you support, openly discussing any fears or concerns you may have about the process. 

Medical Screening

Once you are matched with your Intended Parents and receive psychological clearance, you will be sent to a fertility specialist/gynecologist/urologist for medical screening consisting of a physical exam, infectious disease screening, drug screening, a semen analysis and any other testing deemed necessary to determine both your suitability and ability to produce healthy sperm.