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body contouring Las Vegas

body contouring Las Vegas

At Premier Liposuction, we provide liposuction and body sculpting to those who cannot achieve the weight loss results they want with diet and exercise. We offer the best body contouring in Las Vegas at affordable prices and help our clients notice fast and consistent results almost immediately after treatment.

Is body contouring the same thing as tummy tuck?

Body contouring is a type of plastic surgery that helps remove excess skin and fat and reshapes the underlying support tissue. Some of the most common types of body contouring surgeries include abdominoplasty, mastopexy, Brachioplasty, and lower body lift. Abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that helps remove excess abdominal skin.

Abdominoplasty makes the abdomen thinner and more firm by removing the excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen. It also helps tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall, and firms up the loose or sagging tissues in individuals after pregnancy or significant weight loss. We are the #1 clinic for body contouring in Las Vegas, and we help our patients attain their dream body without burning a hole in their pocket.

Risks of body contouring surgery

As it is the case with almost any surgical procedure, there are a few risks associated with body contouring surgery. Some of the most commonly reported symptoms after surgery include bleeding, infection, issues with wound healing, blood clots, scars, and numbness around the incision.

In rare cases, patients can feel unhappy with the results. Make sure to get your body contouring surgery from a skilled surgeon or from a top cosmetic clinic to avoid undesirable outcomes and post-surgery complications.

Top reasons to consider body contouring

Body contouring is more than just a cosmetic procedure. The amount of confidence and psychological satisfaction that individuals regain after a body contouring procedure is more dramatic than the physical improvements attained through the procedure.

Individuals who undergo liposuction or bariatric surgeries often feel flabby, unattractive, and insecure about their bodies due to the excess sagging skin. Individuals who undergo considerable weight loss can suffer from loose skin, which can take a toll on their emotional wellbeing. Body contouring helps get rid of excess skin, improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and helps attain an ideal body. If you recently lost a significant amount of weight or underwent weight-loss surgeries, it is critical to consider a body contouring procedure to lead an improved quality of life and to feel more in control of your body and appearance.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring refers to a type of cosmetic surgery that helps remove the excess, loose, and sagging skin after major weight loss. Some of the popular types of body contouring surgeries include panniculectomy, abdominoplasty, lower body lift, arm lift, and inner thigh lift. A breast lift or breast augmentation is also a type of body contouring procedure that helps remove excess fat and sagging skin from the breasts.

Premier Liposuction is a highly acclaimed clinic for body contouring in Las Vegas. Overcome your insecurities with our cosmetic procedures and achieve the body you want in no time. Call us at 702-405-7481 for a free consultation.

body contouring Las Vegas
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body contouring Las Vegas body contouring Las Vegas body contouring Las Vegas body contouring Las Vegas