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Drug Rehabs In Central Florida

St. John’s Recovery Place promotes the most advanced and modern drug rehabs in Central Florida, relying on numerous recovery programs. Many of these are holistic in nature as part of an integrative treatment protocol. Among these programs, we include multiple healing modalities and therapies, such as music and art therapy, nutritional assistance, and animal therapy.

Animal therapy is particularly important due to several defining benefits. These include:

  • Cultivating empathy – Prolonged drug abuse can disrupt the brain’s chemical functioning, which, in turn, affects your emotional balance. Interacting with animals will calm your mind and cultivate feelings of empathy and mental relaxation. These emotions form the foundation of our interaction with pets and can provide extensive emotional and spiritual support.
  • Learning the value of caring – Addiction victims tend to only think about themselves, which is a natural result of prolonged addiction. Our Florida addiction recovery centers rely on animal therapy to teach patients the value of caring and interacting with other beings. These interactions can promote protective feelings, helping patients feel like empathetic, normal human beings again.
  • Teaching pure relaxation – Multiple studies have shown that pets tend to lower blood pressure, calm breathing, and release significant dopamine levels. Our luxury rehab centers in Florida rely on meaningful animal interactions to help patients relax and enjoy moments of emotional and spiritual bonding. This will help them feel better and more relaxed overall, which will contribute to their wellbeing significantly.
  • Teaching responsibility and self-control – Although animals like dogs tend to love you unconditionally, your attitude towards them can also influence their behavior. Our alcohol treatment centers teach patients responsibility and self-control towards animals – a behavior which will ultimately extend towards other humans. It is a great tool for teaching patients basic human interactions, which will serve them greatly over time.

The best drug addiction rehab in Florida

If you’re looking for the best addiction facility in your area, there are several aspects to consider. The main ones include:

  • A luxurious and welcoming recovery setting, providing you with utmost comfort and relaxation
  • A team of qualified rehabilitation professionals with a positive and supportive attitude
  • A variety of holistic recovery modalities (nutritional therapy, meditation, massage therapy, equine therapy, etc.)
  • Access to premier amenities including sports grounds, luxurious bedrooms, access to group activities, etc.
  • Structured rehabilitation system with multiple disciplines and recovery programs
  • Access to both inpatient and outpatient programs for a reliable and well-rounded recovery experience
  • Alumni programs, teaching meaningful human interactions, relapse prevention, and sobriety management, etc.

If you seek an innovative and reputed Florida drug treatment, our facility is your best bet. We offer access to the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL with world-class rehab services, impeccable amenities, and diverse holistic modalities.

If you’re invested in discussing with a rehab expert, contact St. John’s Recovery Place right away! You can speak to our recovery clinicians at 833-397-3422 about our insurance options and treatment services. Call our helpline, find the support you need, and come in for clinical evaluation and treatment preparation today!

Drug Rehabs In Central Florida
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Drug Rehabs In Central Florida
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Drug Rehabs In Central Florida Drug Rehabs In Central Florida Drug Rehabs In Central Florida Drug Rehabs In Central Florida

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