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Holistic Rehab

A many holistic rehab in the U.S. claim to have the best addiction treatment programs. Most of them are good; however, the Holistic Sanctuary is among the unique rehab facilities in the U.S. that continually reinvents its programs on addiction treatment. This addiction treatment center offers more than conventional rehab facilities. It provides treatment in spa-like facilities to keep guests comfortable and happy throughout their recovery processes. 

What is a holistic rehab?

Many holistic rehab facilities do the same thing; group therapy for guests, individual counseling, and trauma resolution. The Holistic Sanctuary goes beyond the basic addiction recovery treatment. It offers addiction treatment in a luxurious and beautiful environment. In addition, the facility is managed by some of the best professionals in their industries.

The staff at the Holistic Sanctuary understands the importance of intervention and repairing family ties. Although this facility is not a family program, it recognizes the importance of family in the recovery process.

The rehabilitation programs offered by the Holistic Sanctuary are designed to provide lasting results. We do not offer short-term treatments that provide unreliable results. 30-day treatment and other short-term plans may not yield the desired results. It usually takes around 60 days for an individual to overcome an obsession. The first 30 days are for losing the obsession and the next 30 days for learning to live without the obsession.


Short-term treatment programs are not enough to help an individual overcome obsession, let alone trauma and the underlying issues fueling addiction. Short-term treatment programs merely lower the addict's tolerance, but they do not help them build solid foundations for their lives after treatment.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides comprehensive treatment programs to lower the risk of a relapse. We provide guests with opportunities to reduce their tolerance to substance abuse and give them opportunities to overcome some of the underlying issues causing the addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary's location keeps guests away from people and things that may create the urge for substance abuse.

Why is it essential to attend a rehab facility away from home?

It is advisable to join a rehab facility that is far away from home. This makes it difficult for guests to leave the facilities and increases the likelihood of them completing their treatment. Although some families would disagree, the benefits of being in a rehab facility like the Holistic Sanctuary that is far removed from many residential areas in California outweigh the disadvantages of local treatment.

Many families seek local treatment for their relatives due to concerns about the living conditions of some rehab facilities. The Holistic Sanctuary is a high-end rehab facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious amenities, and private rooms. The facility is well equipped to provide guests with all creature comforts and more.

Substance abuse vs. mental illness

Families can find it difficult to determine if a patient requires treatment for substance abuse or mental illness. This is usually a determination of the experienced health professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary. Mental illness is often the primary cause of substance abuse. In some cases, patients undergo treatment for mental illness when the real problem is an addiction that has not been discussed or is understated.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers dual diagnosis treatment to diagnose mental illness and assess its effects on the behavior of an individual. Please contact us to discover how our programs work.


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