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Portable Clean Room

Portable Clean Room

How To Decide If A Portable Clean Room Is Best For Us

When it comes to the installation and/or implementation of a clean room, clients are bound to have a number of questions about the classifications of each option. Designing a clean room is not always easy and for those who are considering a portable option, there are a wide range of concerns that are bound to arise.

In order to find out whether a portable clean room is the best option for our laboratory, it is time that we take a closer look at the following queries. By taking the time to ask the following questions of ourselves, we can avoid all of the usual pitfalls that tend to take place.

1) What Classification Works Best For Our Needs?

The choices that we make are going to depend on the industry that we have chosen. Each industry will have its own government regulations that need to be considered and these rules go a long towards determining the type of clean room that we choose. A portable clean room is our best choice when we are working within an industry that does not have stringent building regulations. Check all applicable regulations first.

2) Taking a Closer Look At The Standards

Clean rooms are classified by two different sets of standards and we will need to be as well versed as possible on each of them in order to make the right choice. There are International Standards Organization classifications to consider and there are also United States General Administration standards. These classifications are determined by measuring the number of air particles for each cubic meter.

3) How Often Does The Room Need To Be Tested?

Even a portable clean room will need to be tested on a regular basis in order to make sure that all of the classifications are being met. In the majority of instances, these particle count tests are slated to take place on an annual basis. If the room is filed into the ISO Class 5 and below range, these tests are conducted every six months. ISO Class 6 clean rooms are able to be tested yearly.

4) What About Inspections?

This will also depend on the classification that we receive. If the clean room is given the most stringent possible regulations, these inspections are going to take place on a far more regular basis. Compliance testing and inspection are usually scheduled to take place around the same time. Depending on the classification that the room is given, these rooms are inspected every six months or every twelve months.

5) Knowing More About Our Budget

When a clean room is in the process of being considered or constructed, we need to know everything possible about how it is going to affect our budget. The stricter the classifications, the higher the budget we are going to need. Remaining compliant with these regulations can become more challenging when we do not have access to the proper budget. That's why the onus is placed on the client to make the right decisions and plan for all of the classifications from a financial standpoint.


Portable Clean Room
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Portable Clean Room Portable Clean Room Portable Clean Room Portable Clean Room