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Sarasota Affordable Care Act

Sarasota Affordable Care Act If you are overwhelmed, confused, or unsure about the Sarasota affordable care act, First Benefits Group can assist you by telling you more about it and developing strategies, which allow you to maximize your benefits while reducing long-term costs. Make an educated decision and choice. Visit our website for details.  

The lack of affordable and accessible healthcare has been an ongoing problem for Americans, but thankfully, the Sarasota Affordable Care Act somehow makes healthcare plausible for everyone. The Affordable Care Act seeks to help you take charge of your healthcare plan. Under this law, you can achieve the flexibility and stability that you need to make informed decisions and choices about your health. This new right is also a part of the new 'Patient's Bill of Rights'. It covers the following:
Young adults – Americans who are under 26 of age are eligible to be covered under their parents' health plan.
Children – the affordable care removed the exclusions for children with pre-existing conditions. This means that children under 19 and with pre-existing conditions may not be denied to receiving benefits. Health plans cannot limit the benefits for children, too.
Insurance companies do not have the authority to cancel your coverage because of an honest mistake that you made.
You can appeal. It is your right to ask that your plan be reconsidered its denial of payment.
The Affordable Care Act ends the lifetime limits on insurance coverage and requires insurance companies to publicly justify unreasonable price hikes. It can help you maximize your premium dollars on healthcare. You can now choose your doctor from the plan's network and receive coverage for preventive care at no additional cost to you.
First Benefits Group is your guide to Sarasota Affordable Care Act. Let our financial educators tell you more about the Affordable Care Act. First Benefits Group can assist you in accessing major carriers and we will help you choose the right health insurance. Our agents are experienced and certified in this government subsidized health insurance program and are ready to assist you.
Sarasota Affordable Care Act
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Sarasota Affordable Care Act Sarasota Affordable Care Act Sarasota Affordable Care Act Sarasota Affordable Care Act