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Home health software has become imperative for home health care providers. Not everyone can afford to visit the doctor for each instance or ailment, making home health care essential for some clients.

Having the right home health software is imperative towards delivering the best possible home care. Being able to track an individual client's needs, treatments, and medications are, and the right software can make it easier than ever before to monitor a whole database worth of clients.

Finding the right software has never been easier as Alora Health has been providing wholly customized home health software to fit the needs of caregivers and patients while tracking and maintaining critical databases and providing a plethora of other services.

Our software specializes in simplicity.

Alora Health has designed home health care software that provides an unmatched simplicity. The home health care process should be geared towards the direct care of clients, not spending time figuring out complicated and unnecessary software.

Everything about the home health software that you choose to use should be beneficial to the home health care process. We won't waste time selling you on features that you don't want; we listen to what you want and tailor our software to those needs.

What services are provided by this home health software?

We provide things like live monitoring of caregivers and aides through GPS-based Electronic Visit Verification (EW) or telephony. Most importantly, our software is optimized for smartphones and tablets, automatically adapting to screen size. Being able to use software seamlessly across a variety of platforms provides maximum convenience.

Additionally, the software provides updates automatically throughout the caregiver visit, saving automatically to the cloud. It also offers comprehensive processes and tools for both skilled and non-skilled care.

Our software is built to make paying easy.

Alora Health software processes all payers: Medicaid/waiver in any state, managed care, Medicare, long term care, private insurance, VA, and private pay. Never worry about whether a form of insurance is handled through your platform again when you use our service.

We are also built to handle businesses of any size. If you are a growing or established company that has multiple offices, we can handle all of your needs within one system. No more having to balance select processes through specific services; we combine it all under one roof, making it easier than ever before to manage all of your offices.

Can I get a comprehensive demonstration?

Our software specialists will provide a customized demonstration based on your needs, not wasting your time by showing you features that you have no use or desire for. We offer demonstrations in all of our services, including EW, scheduling, document review and quality assurance, electronic faxing, secure email, prior authorization tracking, and monitoring, and more.

We also offer demonstrations for front-line care and back-office administration like billing for all payers, accounts receivables, payroll, offline documentation, electronic signature capture, OASIS, non-OASIS, and non-skilled assessments, employee credential tracking, report generation, and a litany of other features that you could possibly need.

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