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physio office Pickering

physio office Pickering

How do you improve functional health and optimize mobility after a traumatic injury? At Amberlea Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic, our team provides education, treatment, and rehabilitation therapy solutions. What types of services does our premier physio office in Pickering offer?

Top 10 physiotherapy services

  1. Physiotherapy - Using controlled movement techniques, our physiotherapists will help you regain and restore functional health. It’s ideal for musculoskeletal conditions like sciatica, chronic pain, repetitive strain, core weakness, tendonitis, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, and so forth. Physiotherapists at Pickering physical rehab specialize in joint mobilization, soft-tissue manipulation, passive/active stretching, manual therapy, and exercise conditioning. Plus, we offer technology-centric adjustments such as interferential current or IFC and ultrasound therapy.
  2. Work-related injuries - Our physio rehab offers a spectrum of therapies for injuries you get on the job. We will customize a treatment plan for you that centers on chiropractic care, physiotherapy, or therapeutic massages. Where possible, we will apply for insurance coverage. In that, we can complement your treatment with our shoulder, musculoskeletal, and lower back care programs.
  3. Chronic pain management -  At our rehab, we will identify the source of your pain and recommend corrective therapy. Most times, our therapists will recommend massage, chiropractic care, or physiotherapy in Pickering to address your pain points. The origin of chronic pain can be due to a medical condition, psychogenic injury, or a disease like cancer, arthritis, and more.
  4. Custom bracing - Besides manual therapy, we provide custom mechanical aids like carpal tunnel and ankle braces, post-surgery, MCL/ACL knee braces, and more. Foremost, our physiotherapists will identify the underlying trigger of your condition and recommend supportive custom braces to bolster recovery. You may be an excellent candidate if you have ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and related conditions.
  5. Chiropractic manipulation - Spinal adjustments may alleviate symptoms like whiplash, sciatica, postural dysfunction, headaches, sports injuries, and related conditions. At our Pickering sports medicine clinic, we provide consultation, diagnosis, and personalized treatment options. Using manual spinal adjustment techniques, our chiropractor will realign your musculoskeletal framework.
  6. Car accident rehab - We get clients who suffer from leg, arm, and muscle pain as well as other forms of symptoms after a vehicular accident. Once we get an understanding of your health status and condition, we will work with your physician to establish a co-management strategy. Our therapist will go the extra mile to ensure you regain optimal mobility.
  7. Custom orthotics - Do you have claw toes, bunions, a foot//ankle problem or muscle imbalances that affect how you walk and stand, we design custom orthotics. What does the design process involve? We will use foam casting, 3D laser, or gait scanning technology to get your correct fitting.
  8. Registered massage therapy - Our licensed massage therapist in Pickering employs a range of techniques for circulatory issues, stress, sleep disorders, sports injuries, pain, and more. Our primary approaches are trigger-point and fascial release, deep tissue massage, and so forth.
  9. Acupuncture - Applying ancient Chinese medicine to modern clinical care approaches, we use targeted needle stimulation techniques to treat musculoskeletal problems. It can relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, sciatica, nerve entrapment, facial pain, and more. We use this technique to complement various therapeutic massage services in Pickering.
  10. Sports injuries - Athletes consult for help with acute repetitive injuries, shoulder dislocation, and related rehabilitative therapy. Let us help you get back in the game with our customized sports injury therapies.

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physio office Pickering

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