Parent FAQ

Do you welcome single parents and gay couples?

Yes, we are here to help you grow the family of your dreams! Great Beginnings believes everyone has the right to be a parent, regardless of their gender, race, religious affiliation, fertility issue, age, marital status or sexual orientation.

How are the Surrogates compensated?

This depends on how the contract is written. Prior to the start of medications, the Intended Parents set-up a fully funded Trust Account. This account will be used to pay the Surrogate according to the contract guidelines.

How does the process work?

Surrogacy is a comprehensive process that is difficult to summarize in just a sentence or two. We have outlined the 9 Steps of how surrogacy works in detail. Our description includes everything you to get started regarding: the Matching Process, Pre-Screening/Review Process, Trust Account Establishment, Contracts, Full Funding of Trust Account, Pharmacy Arrangements, Cycle Begins, Pregnancy Confirmation and Monitoring, Parental Rights Establishment, and Birth!   Should your journey include the need for an egg donor, we are very familiar with the process and will be happy to facilitate finding you an excellent match.

How long does it take to find a suitable Surrogate?

The matching process must be one that’s mutual for everyone involved. This may be as short as a few days or as long as several months. We feel it best to keep a realistic approach to the matching process. Don’t set your expectations so high that you don’t allow for someone that could be the right match for you to slip by. It’s also important to keep in mind that our economy remains in a state of flux. So, while many are still seeking surrogacy to create a child, there are fewer resources available in terms of financing and other assistance to parents going through this process. Begin by getting more information now!

Is surrogacy legal in my state?

To learn about the status of surrogacy laws in your state, click here for details on the status of gestational surrogacy law and any current rulings where you live.

What is the Great Beginnings screening process for Surrogate applicants?

Surrogate candidates initially apply with our agency either on-line or contact us by phone to receive a Surrogate application and program information. A series of basic questions are asked to ensure the Surrogate candidate meets the general criteria. Once this has been met, the Surrogate proceeds to an extensive application and list of program requirements that she must complete and/or obtain in order to be considered for our program. An in-person interview is conducted with both the surrogate and her spouse/partner. We obtain previous birth records from her OB/GYN and require that a current physical exam and/or pap smear also be completed either by her own OB/GYN or primary care physician or one of her choosing. A background investigation and psychological screening will also be completed prior to her profile being made available to any Intended Parent. Once matched, she will be sent to your reproductive physician for an in-depth physical exam, testing for both infectious disease screening (including your husband/partner), drug screening and any other testing deem necessary by the physician to determine her suitability and ability to conceive and safely carry a child. Any additional psychological or medical testing/screening can be performed at the request of the yourselves or the fertility physician.

What services do you provide?

We provide Intended Parents with the profiles of prospective surrogate mothers so you can find the one that’s just right for you. Using the details you submit in your profile and from discussions we have with you, we locate a surrogate mother who has the same views as you do. There are some very specific aspects of surrogacy which need to be agreed upon before we even tell you about a prospective surrogate mother. For example, if you want three embryos to be transferred at the time of transfer, it doesn’t make sense to match you with a surrogate mother who will only agree to having one embryo transferred. We see it as our primary job to make sure everyone travels this journey together in the same spirit of support and companionship you have come to depend on from trusted friends and family members.

Our services include:

1. Coordinating the application process by the surrogate mother and her partner/spouse.

2. Coordinating the background pre-screening, psychological evaluation and medical pre-screening process.

3. Coordinating with appropriate attorneys during the contract process between you and your surrogate mother.

4. Coordinating with fertility centers, attorneys, psychologists, pharmacies, obstetricians and hospitals.

What type of surrogacy agreements do you arrange?

Without exception, all parties must agree for a Surrogacy Agreement to occur. There are three types of agreements between Surrogate and Intended Parents: anonymous, semi-open and open.

Anonymous Agreements

Confidential/identifying information will not be provided to either the Intended Parents or the Surrogate. No personal meetings will be coordinated. There is no expectation for contact once your baby is born.

Semi-Open Agreements

Confidential/identifying information will not be provided to either the Intended Parents or the Surrogate. Both parties may agree to meet in a personal setting with your Great Beginnings Surrogate Coordinator present as the facilitator. Based on the wishes of all parties, there may be provisions made for contact between your child and your surrogate at an age and in the method that makes you feel the most comfortable and secure. Whatever form this contact takes, it is typically not in person and is most likely to be facilitated by a mutually agreed upon third-party, such as Great Beginnings Surrogacy.

Open/Known Agreements

Confidential/identifying information for both the Intended Parents and Surrogate will be released. A personal meeting may also occur between Intended Parents and Surrogate with your Great Beginnings Surrogate Coordinator present as the facilitator. All parties agree and feel very comfortable with in-person contact between them from the time of your child’s birth onward.

Where do your Surrogates come from?

Though we have Surrogates who reside all over the United States, most live in the Southern California area. Many call in response to advertisement in the local newspapers, ads ran in other local publications, and the Internet. Happily, some are referred to us by their friends who have journeyed with Great Beginnings Surrogacy themselves!

Cori’s Egg Donor & Surrogate Services, the well-known egg donor and surrogacy agency, now a proud part of the Great Beginnings Surrogacy family of services, originally evolved to assist women who were unable to use their own oocytes (eggs) and/or carry a pregnancy. Great Beginnings Surrogacy carries forward the tradition of having a great selection of Surrogates to choose from & the personal support we provide each and every Intended Parent and Surrogate with whom we work.