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What Great Beginnings Intended Parents Are Saying

Great Beginnings Surrogacy was an excellent find and unarguably one of my most valuable partnerships in my surrogacy journey.

My story is long but I was blessed to have family members open to being my surrogate. Unfortunately, when that option did not work, my reproductive endocrinologist (RE) introduced me to Great Beginnings Surrogacy. I have found their professional advice to be honest and fair to all parties involved and their judgment to be solid and sound. They have helped me every step of the way paving smoother roads for my rocky journey.

They know on how to bridge the emotional roller coaster while navigating the surrogacy process.  They matched my family with a surrogate in record time, managed an endless list of relationships with my surrogate, RE, attorneys, psychological counselors, health insurance agents, trust agencies, monitoring clinics, pharmacies and travel companies. I believe that the biggest part of an agency’s responsibility is to relieve some of the stress for the intended parents. The highlight of the services offered by Great Beginnings (and what I most appreciated) is always researching viable options before approaching me about any of our plans that could not work.

I recommend Great Beginnings as an ideal agency to represent intended parents and look forward to keeping them updated with a lifetime of photos.

Joy D, California

What Great Beginnings Surrogates Are Saying

Great Beginnings is my 3rd agency that I have worked with and by FAR the best! I am now in my last few weeks of my pregnancy as a surrogate with them. They have made every single step easy and stress free! I don’t ever have to worry if they are taking care of things behind the scenes and have never felt the need to “check up on them” as I have with agencies in the past. They are all so friendly and so accessible, if it is a serious question or just a personal question. I would recommend them 100%!

Amanda, Surrogate

Great Beginnings isn’t like a lot of other agencies out there, they are very personable and attentive. They truly care about what they do and the people they help. On many occasions, Great Beginnings staff called me just to see how I was doing. They have made every step of the journey go seamless. They truly goes above and beyond… I would highly recommend Great Beginnings to anyone.

Michelle, Surrogate

Great Beginnings has been so wonderful to work with. I feel completely at ease with Mishelle. I know that if I have a question or concern I can pick up the phone and at anytime. Not only is she easy to talk to but she is also very professional and prompt. Mishelle is such a warm and open person and makes me feel cared for and looked after. I really cannot say enough good things about this women. She makes surrogacy a very rewarding experience by being there every step of the way.

Libby, Surrogate :) 

I’m at the beginning stages of my first journey and I must say, Great Beginnings has been more than accommodating. Being new to this whole world of surrogacy, they have been a dream. They are  always there to answer my silly questions, they have have helped explain things in a way a newbie can understand, they’ve met with myself and the physician to discuss contracts, they has made this experience a complete relief. I can’t wait to start my journey with this agency!

Tanya, Surrogate

What Great Beginnings Surrogacy Agency Partners Are Saying

When clients ask me for a recommendation for an agency, I can say, without hesitation, that Great Beginnings Surrogacy is a wonderful agency to work with. Great Beginnings staff bring a full breadth of knowledge of surrogacy to the table, while still being very compassionate and capable.  They will hold your hand through every step of this process.

Molly E. O’Brien, Esq., Law Offices of Molly O’Brien

Working with Great Beginnings Surrogacy (GBSS) has been a true pleasure. Their passion for surrogacy really shines though when you speak to them. Great Beginnings staff really cares for the people they are helping, and are there to answer any questions we have and give us support and guidance through the entire journey. The whole team at Great Beginnings is there for you any time of day or night with the leadership and commitment you want by your side. I highly recommend Great Beginnings to anyone seeking help in building their family.

Consulting Services Agency, International

As a coordinator, I referred a set of Intended Parents to Great Beginnings and they were able to get them matched, and moving forward quickly.

Treatment Coordinator, Fertility Clinic