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Surrogacy Compensation

GBSEDS’ Commitment to Surrogates

We provide leading compensation packages for surrogates. See how you can give someone "the greatest gift of all" while earning compensation for your amazing contribution.

Want to learn more about how you can be compensated as a Surrogate?

First-time gestational surrogates make up to $50,000 for a singleton pregnancy. Experienced gestational surrogates request surrogate compensation levels, typically a $5,000 increase over their most recent surrogacy.

GBSEDS negotiate benefits and compensation on behalf of each party to help everyone feel comfortable until a mutual agreement is reached. You receive benefits based on gestational surrogate milestones, beginning with medical clearance from the fertility doctor and continuing to one month following delivery.

Some fees occur infrequently while others occur only once over the course of your surrogacy journey. Whether one-time or more frequent, all fees and allowances are turned in on a monthly basis after surrogate contracts are signed. Your request is conveniently completed using a document signing app. Once reviewed by your Surrogate Coordinator, the request is forwarded to your Intended Parents’ trust account with authorization to pay via check mailed directly to you.
Here’s the benefit and compensation schedule gestational surrogates can expect to follow:

$30,000-$40,000 base compensation fee for first-time surrogates. Payments of 10% of your base compensation begin the month following heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy

$300/month Monthly Expenses ($3,000 total), begin once contracts are signed until one month after delivery. This monthly benefit is for gas money for travel to local appointments, vitamins/supplements, prescription medications …whatever makes your life easier!

$500 Medical Clearance Fee

$1,500 Legal Clearance Fee

$1,000 Injectable Medication Start Fee

$500,000 Life Insurance benefit

Independent legal counsel

$1,500 Embryo Transfer Fee following embryo transfer

Medical Insurance benefits

$3,000 invasive procedure fee for C-section delivery – one-time payment after delivery

$1,000 Wellness gifts distributed over the course of your surrogacy

Lost wages & Child Care for physician-ordered bed rest

$150 a week for Expressed Breastmilk Service + supplies & delivery fees

Psychological support throughout your journey

$800 (singleton) or $1,000 (multiples) Maternity Clothing Allowance – paid 12 weeks following embryo transfer

Medical and hospital bill payment assistance

Surrogacy Compensation FAQ's

Our first-time gestational surrogates receive up to $50,000 in fees and allowances while experienced surrogates receive about $5,000 more than their previous surrogacy.

No problem! Great Beginnings presents surrogate health insurance to a company competent to complete medical coverage reviews as required by California surrogacy law. Some gestational surrogates will receive health insurance purchased through Covered California while others receive the news they/their partner/spouse’s health plan may be used for their medical costs as it is surrogacy-friendly.

Yes. There are no out-of-pocket surrogacy costs for our incredible surrogates. All surrogacy-related expenses from screening to embryo transfer to pregnancy and delivery are covered by your Intended Parents.

Most protocols include the medications Lupron, Medrol, progesterone, estrogen, doxycycline and dexamethasone. These medications are dispensed in liquid form, requiring you to give yourself an injection at the same time every day. Surrogates have reported breast tenderness, bloating, irritability, and mild headaches; similar to being on their period. Over the course of your fertility treatment, from the first fertility specialist appointment through the end of the first trimester, you will remain under the care of the fertility specialist. You can expect to attend approximately 4-8 appointments over the course of three months.

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