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Intended Parents

Here at Great Beginnings Surrogacy, families are our speciality and we customize your surrogacy experience. Our experts will help guide you and your surrogate mother, from dream to baby!

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Become a Surrogate

It takes very special and generous women to help others Grow a Family. Find out how you can become a surrogate mother to help be a part of a wonderful journey today.

What Is Surrogacy Really Like?

Learn what experienced surrogates wish they’d been told when first starting out.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy Difference


Over 20 years in the surrogacy industry and hundreds of happy surrogate families later, Great Beginnings Surrogacy’s extensive knowledge and experience bring you comfort and security throughout the process. We are here for all parties to have a memorable surrogacy experience. Keeping a constant flow of communication, our surrogacy services will bring you peace of mind.


We believe that every Intended Parent and Surrogate needs a customized experience, which is why Great Beginnings Surrogacy provides meticulous Pre-Screening, a customized Wellness Program, and outstanding surrogate compensation. Knowing that our clients are taken care of during this time is a vital role for Great Beginnings.


Great Beginnings Surrogacy is located in San Diego, CA. However, we specialize in international surrogacy which safely navigates US and International law. International surrogacy requires professional services, which is why Great Beginnings is here to advocate for you.