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About Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services


Why Choose Great Beginnings For Your Surrogacy Agency?

Deciding to go with a surrogacy agency is a hard decision to make. We know that the steps to getting here may not have been the happiest or the easiest. Great Beginnings is here to bring you the best surrogacy agency you can find. We will walk you through each step and allow you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Your family doesn’t need to be put on hold any longer.
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Great Beginnings Surrogacy specializes in matching Intended Parents with their ideal surrogate and then facilitating every aspect of the surrogacy process.  

Fertility and surrogacy expert Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, MA, and his extraordinary team operate in San Diego, California at one the top surrogacy agencies in the United States  and offering the highest quality services to clients worldwide.

Choosing the right surrogacy agency can prove difficult. Great Beginnings Surrogacy knows Intended Parents often have been through challenging and distressing experiences before turning to us for surrogacy.

Our mission is to exceed their expectations by providing the best possible professional guidance and unwavering support to make their surrogacy journey run as smoothly as possible.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy prides itself on being LGBTQIA+ friendly. Our team welcomes anyone who longs for their own family, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

They specialize in gestational surrogacy, where a healthy woman carries a child on behalf of the Intended Mother(s) or Father(s) with no genetic link to the baby she carries for them.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy encourages our clients to learn as much as they can about the process. When you are ready, the team swings into action, mobilizing all our resources to make parenthood a reality, starting with the most careful selection of your surrogate.

Thanks to Great Beginnings Surrogacy, the joy of having a family no longer needs to be on hold. Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation or book an appointment with us online.