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Over 20 years of industry-leading experience. Great Beginnings Surrogacy (GBSS) is located in San Diego, CA – serving clients globally.

We offer industry-leading services in the areas of  Intended Parent services and surrogacy. See how we can help you today!

Why Choose GBSEDS For Your Surrogacy Agency?

Intended Parents

Deciding to go with a surrogacy agency is a hard decision to make. We know that the steps to getting here may not have been the happiest or the easiest. GBSEDS is here to bring you the best surrogacy agency you can find. We will walk you through each step and allow you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Your family doesn’t need to be put on hold any longer.


Every family deserves to have the opportunity to have children. We want to help all couples find the right services to help them start their family. We have been helping couples from Tokyo to Nampa and every in-between to start their families. We’ve got three easy steps for you to follow.

  1. Find an Egg Donor

  2. Find a Surrogate

  3. The Pregnancy

International Parents

Great Beginning's response to COVID-19

How our professional staff is taking measures to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Our Services

Intended Parents

Matching you with the perfect surrogate. We stay by your side the entire journey.


Become a surrogate and see how our team can help you along the journey. We're renowned as the top among San Diego surrogacy agencies.

Egg Donation

See how you can help another with the "greatest gift of all". Top-tier compensation for qualified egg donors working with one of the world's most recognized fertility centers.

The surrogacy process for both parents and surrogates is an exciting one. Intended parents and surrogate mothers who work with Great Beginnings will receive top fertility care and within California surrogacy laws. There are many fertility clinics, but you’ll see when you visit San Diego fertility center Gen5.

What Does the Surrogacy Journey Look like?

GBSEDS wants to make the process of surrogacy simple for the intended parents. Our surrogacy program has a 5 step process. These processes are simple and we will help you and walk you through the entire process.

  1. Meet with us to learn how surrogacy can make you a parent

  2. Match with Gestational surrogate

  3. Embryo transfer and pregnancy

  4. Parental Rights

  5. Birth Day

These five steps are designed for the parents. We want you to feel comfortable and ready with the best support from the best surrogate agency.

What Assistance Is There For The Cost Of A Surrogate?

Finding the perfect match for a surrogate to carry your baby is amazing! How will you be able to cover the financial burdens that can seem overwhelming and daunting? We’ve got a number of contacts that can help you plan how to cover the cost of using a surrogacy agency. The connection to financing professionals that have experience specifically with fertility financing.

Take it from our clients.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy is San Diego’s BEST provider of surrogacy services. Take it from our happy clients!

Great Beginnings has exceeded my expectations as an agency! They care about their surrogate mothers and make sure they’re there to help with any questions or concerns. They get back to you very quickly and make communicating easy. All of the staff is AMAZING and very knowledgeable. I’m so glad I chose Great Beginnings as my agency!

Madison Morris

I have been a Surrogate Mother once before and I worked with another agency that did not even compare to the support and knowledge that Great Beginnings has. Christina is the absolute best! Anytime I have a question , Christina makes sure to email me or call me right away! I highly recommend this agency!!!!


Maribel Diaz

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