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Are you considering becoming a surrogate? It's an extraordinary, selfless act that helps others experience the joy of parenthood. At Great Beginnings Surrogacy in San Diego, California we believe surrogates are truly special women who offer an incredible gift.

As a surrogate, you will nurture and carry a baby for intended parents who cannot conceive or carry a child themselves. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience. We honor and respect the commitment and generosity of our surrogates, providing comprehensive care and support throughout your journey.

If you are ready to explore this life-changing path and make dreams come true for deserving families, we invite you to learn more. Contact us or complete our online application today and be a part of something extraordinary—become a surrogate.

Surrogates Q&A

What are surrogates?

Surrogates are people who volunteer to carry a fetus in their uterus for people who can’t have a child themselves. There are two types of surrogates:

1. Traditional Surrogates:
Traditional surrogates are women who use their own eggs to form embryos with the Intended Father’s sperm or with donated sperm. Some Intended Parents choose this option when a woman you know is willing to be your surrogate. 

However, you need to be sure about your legal standing as your baby’s parent before proceeding. Few Intended Parents currently choose this option given the legal complications involved.

2. Gestational Surrogates:

Gestational surrogates are women who undergo the transfer and implantation of fertilized eggs or embryos that don’t contain any of their genetic material. The egg and sperm Great Beginnings Surrogacy clients use are either from the Intended Parent(s), donors, or both.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy recommends this approach since California law recognizes Intended Parents as the child’s legal parents rather than your surrogate.

How are surrogates chosen?

Surrogates are healthy women who volunteer to undertake this life-changing gift so other people can experience the joys of having a family. Surrogates receive financial compensation for their contribution, but their primary motivation is bringing joy to others.

Surrogates undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure they are healthy and suitable for surrogacy. Candidates apply online and then speak to our Great Beginnings Surrogacy Intake Coordinator who makes sure they meet all the general requirements.

Surrogate who meet the guidelines complete an extensive application process, which typically includes:

  • Previous birth records from the applicant’s OB/GYN
  • A background check
  • Current physical exam records
  • Pap smear results
  • In-depth physical exam
  • Immunity/vaccination bloodwork
  • Psychological screening
  • Blood testing

Great Beginnings Surrogacy requests a letter from the applicant’s OB/GYN recommending her for surrogacy.

How do I choose a surrogate?

Some Intended Parents know a friend or family member willing to become a surrogate for you. If not, our Great Beginnings Surrogacy team is here to help you find someone who would be a great fit for your family.

Our team provides profiles of prospective surrogates for you to choose from. When you find a woman who sounds like a great match, you meet with them remotely or in person. Your match meeting gives you a chance to see whether this surrogate is right for you and helps the surrogate learn what wonderful, deserving Intended Parents you are.

Contact us to learn more about choosing a surrogate or becoming one today.

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Intended Parents
Intended Parents

Fertility problems are devastating for anyone who longs for children of their own. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, and his team at Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services in San Diego, California, care deeply about intended parents and want to hear their stories. They support you through every stage of your surrogacy journey, ensuring you get the opportunity to experience the lifetime of happiness and joy children can bring. To discover how you can benefit from the exceptional expertise and care Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services provides, call the office today or book an appointment online.


When considering surrogacy, one of the primary issues you face is finding the right surrogate (someone who nurtures your baby in their womb for nine months). Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, and his team at Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services in San Diego, California, specialize in surrogacy. They match intended parents who can’t conceive or carry a child with healthy individuals who are happy to undergo fertilized egg implantation and pregnancy. To learn more about using or being a surrogate, call Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services today or book a complimentary appointment by completing the online form.


Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services in San Diego, California, helps thousands of LGBTQIA+ people have families of their own. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, and his team guide you through the process of egg and sperm donation and surrogate selection, catering to each intended parent’s exact needs. The team actively supports and promotes surrogacy services for LGBTQIA+ people, so they don’t miss out on the joy of parenthood. To learn more about becoming a parent via surrogacy, call Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services today or book an appointment by completing the online form.