Great Beginnings’ Commitment to Intended Parents.

Our mission is to support you through every step of your journey. At Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services, we are committed to helping you start a family.
Keeping you informed in advance of each step while addressing all your questions and concerns.
Prioritizing your physical and emotional needs before, during, and after pregnancy.
Providing the best possible care for you on your journey.

GBSS 6-Steps Of Surrogacy


Meet with us to learn how surrogacy can make you a parent.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Intended Parent (IP) Intake team. We care deeply and want to hear your story. We will clearly outline exactly how the surrogacy process will lead you to having a baby.

Match with gestational surrogate.

Step Two is working with your IP Coordination team to introduce and match you to the surrogate you’ll need to become parents.

Embryo transfer and pregnancy.

Once your surrogate passes all her screenings and evaluations, the legal contract between Intended Parents and your surrogate will be signed and you’ll be on your way! Your surrogate will start treatment at the fertility center you choose to prepare her for your embryo transfer. Blood tests completed a few weeks after the transfer brings good news of pregnancy which is followed by the excitement of a heartbeat ultrasound pregnancy confirmation during the 6th-7th week after transfer. Your Intended Parent (IP) coordinator will explain the whole process and give you updates of testing results and upcoming milestones all throughout your journey. Once she’s ready, your fertility doctor will graduate your surrogate to the care of an obstetrician who will personally care for your surrogate and your precious baby through delivery.

Parental Rights

Your attorneys will submit all the documentation to the courts to insure your name is on your baby’s birth certificate, give you rights to make all medical decisions and take your baby home from the hospital.

Birth Day!

Nothing in this world is more exhilarating than holding your baby in your arms for the first time! Your Intended Parent Coordination Team will help get everything in place for a smooth transition to your new life as a family.


Second only to your baby’s birth, opening your front door to your home with your baby in your arms is incredibly thrilling. This amazing day will stand out for generations to come as the doorway to a lifetime of happiness and joy.