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Great Beginnings Surrogacy & Egg Donation Services

Surrogacy Overview

Easy Surrogate Application Process.

We strive to create a simple application process for new and returning surrogates. Scroll down to view the surrogate process, and see if it's the right fit for you.

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What is the Surrogacy Process?

  • Complete online prescreener
  • Phone PreQualification interview with coordinator
  • Complete full surrogate application, sign release forms and Surrogate Benefit Package
  • Background check
  • Medical pre-screen
  • Medical records review and obtaining OB clearance letter
  • Surrogate profile release to Intended Parents
  • Video match call with IPs
  • Matched!
  • Psychological Screening
  • Medical screening at Intended Parents’ fertility center
  • Intended Parent attorney contract drafting
  • Surrogate attorney contract review with you
  • Negotiation and finalization between all parties
  • Beta blood tests at fertility center
  • Routine appointments with ultrasounds and bloodwork
  • Ultrasound heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy
  • Graduation! From fertility specialist to OB care
  • Routine OB appointments
  • Share progress and updates with your Intended Parents
  • Delivery day!

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