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Surrogacy is a comprehensive process difficult to summarize in a sentence or two. We outlined all 6 Steps for you here. Our description includes everything to begin your journey, including: Initial Consultation, Matching, Treatment, Parental Rights, Birth Day and Homecoming. Should your surrogacy journey happen to include the need for an egg donor, we are happy to guide you through each step of matching and obtaining eggs from your donor as well.

Egg Donation

GBSEDS offers in-house egg donation solutions in the heart of San Diego, CA – serving clients globally. With industry-leading genetic solutions, egg freezing, and the most competitive compensation plan on the market, GBSEDS is your solution for egg donations.

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InteNded Parents

We provide Intended Parents with Surrogate profiles so you can find the one that feels comfortable to you. Using the details you submit in your IP profile coupled with our discussions with you in person, we locate a gestational surrogate who shares your goals and values. These include agreement on number of embryos to transfer, the type of relationship you want to have with each other and agreement on important processes, such as selective reduction/termination, etc. It is our primary focus to make sure you begin your journey and travel together in a spirit of cooperation, support and companionship.

International Services

Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services (GBSEDS) is located in San Diego, California. However, we specialize in helping international Intended Parents safely navigate US and international law. International gestational surrogacy requires highly efficient, professional services, which is why GBSEDS is here to advocate for you.

World-recognized experience.

Over 20 years as a California surrogacy and egg donor agency and hundreds of happy families later, Great Beginnings Surrogacy and Egg Donation Services’ extensive knowledge, experience and professional network offer unmatched comfort and security from dream to baby. 

We are here so all parties have a memorable experience. The continuous flow of communication from our coordinators provides you peace of mind everything is closely monitored and headed in the right direction.

Give "The Greatest Gift" you can.

Earn $40k or more when you become an Egg Donor!

See how to earn for yourself while giving an amazing gift to another.

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