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Intended Parents

Intended Parents

Intended Parents services offered in San Diego, CA

Fertility problems are devastating for anyone longing for children of their own. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, MA, and our team at Great Beginnings Surrogacy in San Diego, California, care deeply for Intended Parents and want you to feel both valued and heard. We support you through every step of your surrogacy journey, clearing the way for you to experience a lifetime of happiness and joy that children can bring. Discover how you can benefit from the exceptional expertise and care Great Beginnings Surrogacy provides by calling our office today or booking an appointment with us online.

Intended Parents Q&A

Who are Intended Parents?

Intended Parents are clients who would love to have a child more than anything but are unable to reach their dream on their own. Many suffer years of fertility treatments and IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles which never result in a successful pregnancy. Others face difficulties from the very beginning as pervasive reproductive or other health issues make it unsafe to have a child of their own.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy has extensive experience helping Intended Parents (IPs) overcome their problems through gestational surrogacy.  We believe everyone deserves a family and  gladly assist LGBTQIA+ clients achieve the joy of parenthood.

How do Intended Parents embark on the surrogacy process?

The first step in your journey is a complimentary consultation with our Great Beginnings Surrogacy Intended Parent intake team. We will meet with you to clearly outline  how surrogacy works and then rally all resources to launch your surrogacy journey right away.  

Once you decide surrogacy is for you, the team will present you with surrogate profiles to find your perfect match with one of their wonderful gestational surrogates. Our gestational surrogates will your baby but have no biological connection, as your baby will be formed using your eggs and sperm or those of suitable donors.

Once you confirm your surrogate match, our IP Coordination Team activates the rigorous screenings and evaluation process to prepare your surrogate for her treatment cycle with your chosen fertility specialist. Once your fertility specialist confirms her body is ready, she will go to the fertility center for your embryo to be transferred into her uterus.

Blood tests following the transfer will initially confirm your surrogate is pregnant. Then, approximately a month later, you will experience the excitement of hearing your baby’s heartbeat confirming pregnancy via ultrasound.

At each important milestone, your Great Beginnings Surrogacy IP Coordinator will reach out with updates, answer all your questions and explain next steps.

What can Intended Parents expect from the surrogacy process?

Great Beginnings Surrogacy is dedicated to helping you start a family, placing a high premium on meeting your needs throughout your surrogacy journey. The team outlines the overall process, fills you in on all the details on what is happening now and then prepares you for what is coming next.

There is no greater thrill than holding your baby in your arms for the first time!  If you struggle to conceive or have a baby on your own, Great Beginnings Surrogacy will walk you through how to make your family dreams a reality by calling the office or going online to schedule a complimentary consultation today. 

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