LGTBQIA+ services offered in San Diego, CA

Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services in San Diego, California, has helped many members of the LGBTQIA+ community have families of their own. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, MA, and his team will be your personal guide through the process of egg or sperm donation and surrogate selection, catering to each Intended Parent(s) individual needs.

Our team actively supports and promotes surrogacy services for LGBTQIA+  clients, so they may receive the joy of parenthood they so richly deserve. Learn more about becoming a parent via surrogacy by calling Great Beginnings Surrogacy today or booking an appointment online form today.


Are LGBTQIA+ people welcomed as Intended Parents?

One of the Great Beginnings Surrogacy team’s proudest achievements is its reputation as the agency of choice for LGBTQIA+ surrogacy. We embrace the opportunity to provide everyone the chance to have a family, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

Over the last two decades, LGBTQIA+ clients from alll over the world come to Great Beginnings Surrogacy to experience firsthand the joy of having a happy, healthy baby of their very own.

How does surrogacy help LGBTQIA+ people?

Becoming pregnant requires sperm, an egg, and a uterus. Many LGBTQIA+ people face difficulties conceiving because they or their partner may lack one or more of these vital elements.

Surrogacy can overcome these problems with the help of sperm and egg donors and gestational surrogates (women who carry a child but have no genetic link to it).

What does the surrogacy process involve for LGBTQIA+ people?

Your precise requirements depend on your circumstances, but these are the essential elements of a successful surrogacy:


Egg donor
If neither Intended Parent can provide eggs, they need an egg donor. Egg donors are typically under 29, in excellent health and support donating their eggs for use by LGBTQIA+  clients so they can have their own child.

Some LGBTQIA+ clients have a friend or family member offer to donate eggs (a known donor). This can be a beautiful arrangement if you want your child and the donor to have a relationship. Or you may prefer to use an anonymous donor.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy highly recommends YourEggs.
YourEggs has one of the largest donor databases in the world available to complete a fresh egg cycle for you as well as offering donor egg batches from their frozen egg bank.

Whatever your donor needs, YourEggs will expertly coordinate and monitor every step for your donor,  from initial medical screening to egg retrieval.


Sperm donor
If neither intended parent can provide sperm, they need a sperm donor. This works in much the same way as finding an egg donor, starting with selecting healthy, high quality sperm. Using in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques, lab staff fertilize the egg with the sperm. The best-fertilized eggs, also called embryos, need to be transferred into a uterus, typically from a surrogate.


Gestational Surrogate
Your gestational surrogate is a healthy person with no history of pregnancy complications who’s keen to help LGBTQIA+ people have their own families. Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services encourages clients to use a gestational surrogate because they have no genetic link to the child and, therefore, no legal claim to the baby.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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